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There are many areas of the legislation that covers business and it is an area that you may find yourself studying either within your MBA or even a legislation degree. The business constitution can be very confusing and being able to answer your assignment law correctly can be very difficult indeed. But you have to ensure that your assignments are not only done correctly: you also need to ensure that they are handed in on time and that they are perfectly written in the correct format. This is something that many students will struggle with and will need to seek out homework help.

In What Areas Do We Provide Homework Help?

There are several areas within which business law assignment apply and we can provide you with expert assignment in law writer in all of these areas:

  • Bankruptcy laws
  • Banking charters
  • Laws of contract
  • Constitution of sale
  • Tenancy legislation and mortgages

The following is a brief example of consumer regulation:

The problem:

Mr. Smith has returned a lease car to the car company, however, the company is charging him for the non-return of the car’s manual and service history. Mr. Smith, however, refuses to pay as he has never been supplied the manual and service history documents from the company that leased the car to him. Provide legal advice for Mr. Smith


  1. Through the lease agreement between Mr. Smith and the car company: Mr. Smith is liable for any damages or loss of property to the car company.
  2. Mr. Smith claims there has been no violation or loss as he has never received any manual or service history from the leasing company: he has written proof of this.
  3. Under consumer charter, Mr. Smith has a right to protect his interests as a consumer.


  1. Mr. Smith will need to write to the car company stating that he is unable to return the disputed documents as he has never been in receipt of them. He needs to state that he has written a proof of this.
  2. Mr. Smith also needs to write to the leasing company to inform them that should the case go to court the leasing company will be implicated as the primary party in this dispute.

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