Why You Should Get an Assessment for Substance Abuse

An assessment of substance abuse can determine the extent to which drug use has affected your life.

Recent years have seen the dangers of “designer drugs” increase due to cheap, unpredictable and unregulated additives used by those who sell them learn more. You can use a substance abuse assessment to determine the type of drug that a family member is using so you can tell them how much harm they’re doing. Every drug type has its own unique set of negative effects. This is a short description on how drugs can affect users’ mental and physical health.

The majority of people who use drugs abuse them because they like the feeling it gives. Drugs alter the chemical makeup of a person’s brain, which is why they make people feel different. When abused, it can change the brain of a user and make them dependent on drugs to function. This is called addiction. Addiction can have severe negative consequences on the mental health of users. Drug users often experience anxiety, depression or even mania when using the drug. When drug use has a negative impact on emotions and behavior, the professionals who treat them tend to concentrate primarily on their mental health.

Drugs have a huge physical impact on their users. The impact will vary depending on the substance and abuse severity. Even minor drug effects can have a negative impact on the body. Drug abusers often experience weight gain or loss, along with missing teeth, hair loss, rashes and a poor complexion. Substance abuse assessments will help determine the extent of drug abuse and how it has affected a user’s body. This can be used to understand their impact, as well as begin healing. Drug use can cause serious damage to relationships. Drugs have ravaged and destroyed many families. Drug abusers and addicts are only concerned with their next high, which causes stress and pain to those around them. Drug abuse can cause marriages to break down, as well as friendships and family bonds that have lasted a lifetime.

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