The Goods out of the Store House

Handling of mini storage for sale: goods are taken out from the storehouse to make notes for the first time. Once the commodities have been classified, they are placed on the shelves. To avoid direct contact between the goods and their ground, use a cushion or pad tape. The warehouse employees must pay close attention to deadlines. They should not be too long or give your boss advance notice of the approaching deadline.

After the split of the accounts, they are classified into many categories, including labor, raw materials and office supplies. After the account split, each is classified according to its own category. Then, each of these accounts, according the statistics, are divided into the categories of water quantity and access frequency to second class, office supplies, raw materials, and spare parts. The mini-storage of office supplies should be placed as close to the front as possible, to ensure that only storehouse staff can access them. Raw materials and spare parts for equipment are also common. When you are paying attention to the mini-warehouse, the supplies must be in line with the delivery cycle and have some extra capacity. Take into consideration the frequency of discharging and the amount of material to be used.

To ensure that raw materials or finished products are not substandard, to store them properly, without damage, and to avoid loss. Raw materials and finished goods to be unqualified database, and database management. The raw materials warehouse manager is accountable for the duties of the Association of goods and semi-finished goods sending and receiving. The storehouse manager is responsible for receiving the final product, hair and pipework, as well as accepting returned items. Store house management staff is responsible for income from substandard products, such as hair and pipework.

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