4 Essential Elements In Any Efficient Carpet Cleaning Method

Any great carpet-cleaning method has the goal or objective of removing as much dirt or foreign material from carpet fibers as possible. It is important that this process be done without harming pets, the carpet or individuals. Four fundamental elements of the process are often examined.

1. Chemical type & concentration – Wet cleaning is a result of a chemical reaction between two or more substances. Even when water is being used, this is still true. This is why deionized, zero-conductivity water will not be able to effectively remove extremely difficult stains.

In the modern age, there are many types of chemicals that can be used for specific cleaning scenarios. A good carpet cleaner knows how to select the right detergents for the conditions.

2. This is probably the most important aspect in the process of cleaning. Temperature increases can accelerate chemical reactions. Hot water can damage carpeting, according to some people. It is possible if the cleaners are not well-informed and educated. However, even truck mounted heaters may only be allowed to heat the surface of the carpet up to 150° F. Even woolen cloths may be safe from this temperature.

The material will also dry faster when using hot solutions. Heat also reduces the surface tension in the cleaning solution. This helps with soil removal.

3. It is important to allow enough time for chemical reactions. The time needed will vary depending on your specific circumstances, but for carpet cleaning, 10 to 15 minutes is usually sufficient. In the case of a dried carpet, a reverse will be necessary before the emulsion can be washed. A technician who is well-trained will be aware of the problem and make any necessary adjustments.

4. Agitation. Agitation. The main goal of agitation is to distribute the chemical completely and evenly within the carpet fibres. The secondary goal is to remove soil particles from the fabric. The chemical reaction is also increased by agitation.

Various apparatus could be used to agitate. This is done with a grooming tool, and especially for plush carpets. Bonnet machines with rotating brushes are also very powerful. The agitation of fabrics is usually finished with a terrycloth towel, a spongy or a horsehair brush.

The most efficient carpet cleaning will require that you pay attention to the four main components.
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